Maleficent is such a good movie, it was probably so good because I watched The Giver the night before (which was terrible).

In all seriousness I loved this movie, what I really loved was that it showed a side of Maleficent that no one knew about.

I kept telling myself as I watched the movie, “she isn’t THAT evil, a broken heart caused her pain, suffering, and heartache, it isn’t her fault”.

Angelina Jolie did an absolutely fantastic job as the evil fairy herself, I literally was scared of her and I cringed every time I saw her boney cheekbones.

The ending from what my fiancé describes it, “was too happy” but I mean Disney purposely changed the whole Sleeping Beauty story obviously.

The movie had its scary moments, happy moments, sad moments; it was done so well.

The CGI was questionable, at one point in the movie Maleficent turned her black raven sidekick (Diaval) into a weird looking wolf; completely threw me off because his wolf like face looked weird.

Overall I would totally recommend this movie, definitely a must watch for the whole family.

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The Giver

So The Giver, I am glad I didn’t pay $12.00 to see this movie in the movie theater, I am so glad I waited till it came out for Redbox.
Last night I rented this movie, I had an understanding that the movie may or may not be good. I had my hopes up because the book was good so maybe the movie would be just as good?
Well I was wrong, where do I begin?
•    The acting was terrible.
•    The movie felt rushed.
•    I didn’t feel any attachment, emotion, sympathy for any of the characters.
•    The only people I looked forward to watching throughout this catastrophe was Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Odeya Rush but this doesn’t say much.
•    Katie Holmes was annoying me the whole time (she isn’t a good actor, Tom Cruise must of messed her up good).
See the movie if you want but I warned you, you only get one fair warning and that is it.

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It Is That Time Of Year Again

So Christmas is coming up so tis the season to watch Christmas movies because that is what everyone does. There are so many movies out there but when I am in the mood for a Christmas movie these top movies tend to be my favorite go to for Christmas movies.

  1. The Nightmare before Christmas: This movie has always been my go to when it came to Christmas movies. This movie has everything, Tim Burton, spooky monsters, singing, the Oogie Boogie Man, Santa Claus, a ghost dog. I will forever love this movie no matter what.
  2. Home Alone 1 & 2: Who doesn’t love to watch these movies? I love to see the many antics of Kevin McCallister, I love watching him repeatedly thwarting those bumbling wet/sticky bandits. I also love how irresponsible Kevin’s parents are, you would think they would not leave their child home alone and make sure he gets on the right plane but I guess that is what needs to happen to start the antics over and over again. In all seriousness these two movies are amazing, I seriously couldn’t live without them. I don’t know which movie is better, 1 or 2? Both movies have just the right amount of antics for the whole family. I purposely didn’t talk about the 3rd and the 4th movie because they honestly aren’t worth watching. I mean I can tolerate the 3rd movie but the 4th? No thanks.
  3. The Santa Claus: Tim Allen stars as a father who inadvertently kills Santa on Christmas Eve and of course turns into the new Santa Claus, I mean why not? This movie is cheesy and silly and is pretty much the only Tim Allen movie I can tolerate (he isn’t my favorite actor). This movie is the type of movie every parent / child / adult can relate to.
  4. Jingle All The Way: Well how could I leave this movie out? This movie is a reminder of how crazy adults get when it comes to the holidays and needing to buy that one item for their child, the one item that they should’ve bought months ago but just neglected to do so. I have loved this cheesy Christmas movie since I was a kid and will always love it. This movie reminds of how much people forget the actual meaning of Christmas, it pulls at those heart strings.
  5. Frosty the Snowman: I will forever love this movie, something about this movie makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Who doesn’t love a talking snowman? I do. This movie is such a great movie that everyone should watch at least once.
  6. A Charlie Brown Christmas: This movie has all my favorite misfit children in it. I think everyone at one point has had a Charlie Brown tree. This movie is so adorable, it’s one of those movies you have probably seen over a hundred times. I have always been a Charlie Brown fan to begin with but this particular movie has always been my favorite.

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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars is one of those movies that makes you laugh and cry simultaneously; the movie is that amazing.
I told myself I would read the book first prior to watching the movie but who am I kidding, it takes me almost a year to finish one book and I’m not remotely close to finishing the first Game of Thrones book.
As I watched this movie I told myself that something bad is going to happen, something bad is going to happen, I mentally and physically prepared myself for the outcome and I was right as I clutched my pillow and sobbed. My fiancé told me to watch the movie in the living room away from him because when I cry, I cry so loud.
Overall the movie kept me on the edge of my seat, I wasn’t bored once, and I became attached to the characters in a bittersweet way. These are the types of movies that need to be made more.
If you haven’t seen this movie please watch it, it definitely is a chick flick so watch it with your wife, fiancé, best girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, whatever just watch it and prepare to ugly cry so hard.

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Sometimes as individuals we do things out of character, maybe for attention or maybe because we feel we have to impress someone.

Sometimes we need to realize that certain actions aren’t acceptable no matter how you or someone else is feeling.

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and we don’t know what to do but lash out.

As adults (woman) we have to realize that we need to stand together instead of tearing each other down.

Humiliating another woman because you don’t agree with what they do is never ok.

If I could change certain incidents maybe things wouldn’t be the way they are now.

But we can’t go backwards in life, only forward.

Sometimes when someone does something terrible to you, you want to seek revenge but it isn’t the answer.

The answer is to smile and be ok.

With every action there is a counteraction, my counteraction is to smile and move forward.

The bully is only as strong as your counteraction.

I have come to terms with the fact that certain people will never like me whether it be my skin color, my hair, my teeth, my strong manner, my personality, my laugh, my fiance.

It isn’t my problem but theirs.

If I could change one person’s view on me that would be fantastic, if I can’t than I am still ok with that.

I know who I am as an individual and I love myself, no one will take that away from me.

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Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B

So I wasn’t going to watch this since every person that saw it hated it but I really needed to watch the Aaliyah: The Princess of R & B movie for my own personal benefit.

So VH1 has a tendency of doing bad biographies i.e. The Brittany Murphy Story, Anna Nicole, and let’s not forget Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.

So I decided to mentally prepare myself to watch Aaliyah: The Princess of R & B with high hopes and as soon as the first scene came on I was done. So Wendy Williams was the executive producer of this horrendous movie, she says she is quite proud of this movie, well if you are proud of trash I guess that is something to be proud of.

Wendy Williams never should have made this god awful movie. If you haven’t seen this movie you may be wondering what could possibly be wrong with this movie. Well here it goes.

  1. They couldn’t use any of Aaliyah’s music because they didn’t get the rights to do so making it impossible for them to actually do any scenes requiring Alexandra Shipp (Aaliyah) to sing or do any of her music videos except for two or three songs Alexandra Shipp sang throughout the movie (not good enough). How do you make a biopic about a singer and not use her music? You can’t.
  2. The lack of good casting i.e. Cle’ Bennett as R. Kelly (looked nothing like R. Kelly), Chattrisse Dolabaille as Missy Elliott (looked nothing like Missy Elliott), and Izaak Smith as Timbaland (looked nothing like TImbaland).
  3. Aaliyah’s actual parents didn’t like this movie, didn’t approve it, and were against them making this movie; they felt it wasn’t done with Aaliyah’s best intentions.
  4. The acting was terrible, not convincing, was pretty bad.
  5. The movie felt rushed, very low budget.

As you can see this movie was terrible. As an Aaliyah fan, I was highly disappointed with how this movie was done. I think everyone should see this movie at least once, just once, that is more than enough.

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So there are a few shows that are new on TV but the one I found to be absolutely amazing is Gotham.

Who seriously doesn’t like a show about Batman and the city of Gotham?

I was a little hesitant about the show at first but from the moment I watched the first episode, I was instantly hooked.

The show revolves around Commissioner James Gordon’s rise to importance in Gotham City years before the arrival of Batman.

The show is well written, eye catching, the set design is appealing, and I seriously can’t get enough.

If you haven’t seen the show, at least watch the first episode and go from there.

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22 Jump Street

So 22 Jump Street was actually great!

21 Jump Street from what I remember was funny; that movie was such a blur though.

I think the only thing I remember from 21 Jump Street was the cast of the show 21 Jump Street making their appearance. As a kid of the 80s who would religiously watch the show I definitely could appreciate that, I would’ve been mad if they didn’t make an appearance.

So with 22 Jump Street it starred my favorites Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in this buddy comedy about two cops going undercover at you guessed it a college.

The movie was funny from start to finish, I wasn’t bored once.

I don’t want to give it all away but if you haven’t seen this movie, please see it, it was definitely a good watch.

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So Neighbors was the type of movie that had stupid humor to it. I liked the first half of it but than it was kind of like ok when will this movie be over?

They definitely showed the best scenes in the commercial but again it was a typical stupid comedy with actors that I love together, acting.
Would I buy this movie? No. Do I recommend you see the movie at least once? Yes.

I love Seth Rogen, I love Zac Efron, I also love Rose Byrne; great casting.
I am not saying the movie was terrible, it was a good movie to see with friends or when your high but it wasn’t the best.

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Spooky Movie Night

Hey guys so today is Halloween, stuck at work till 11 PM, I want to really watch a super scary movie when I get out of work, taking suggestions on some awesome scary movies to watch tonight.

Definitely aiming towards Poltergeist, maybe a less scary movie like Beetlejuice, or maybe Nightmare Before Christmas, whatever you guys suggest, I won’t judge you (a little).

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