Facebook Is…



Facebook is probably one of the most annoying things next to Carrot Top, seriously that guy is pretty annoying.  I look at Facebook as high school in the sense that you want to friend request the most popular person while accepting the fact that person will probably never acknowledge you in public or beyond Facebook. It is almost like you want to feel special or happy or mad, depending on the day. This person probably made fun of you in high school, threw rocks down your new shirt, or tripped you down the stairs but for some reason you want to be their friend a few years after high school.

It is completely normal to do this because I have done it, maybe it is a sense of growing up, accepting that it was high school and now you are adults, fully functioning adults in the real world learning to forgive them for their immaturity, like forgive and forget. A lot of times with Facebook the reason the majority of people are even friends with that person via Facebook is because they want to know their business, see if they have kids, if they even went to college, or has recently had a divorce, or two, or five.

Many times people write statuses about their everyday life, do you even care that they went to the grocery store? If they got into a fight with their significant other? If they pissed on the potty? If they made dinner? I know you don’t care but they care, almost as if to feel special and even though these people do these things should we make fun of them and call them narcissistic for liking their own photos? No, well maybe, leaning towards yes.

People use Facebook as an outlet for their everyday lives, a diary, they post their inner most selfish details with no disregard for what others think, maybe they don’t care what others think, I know the majority of them do, come on when you write a status about deleting others for hating on you, you care.

It is by far the biggest beauty pageant and contest,  here let me take a selfie of myself half-naked and then post a status right after saying I can’t find a good man. You clearly are looking for love in all the wrong places. Now I know I am going down some weird I hate Facebook list but seriously if you are going to have a verbal altercation on Facebook, make sure you spell and punctuate everything, you are only making yourself look like a jackass. I have a Facebook, I like to think my Facebook isn’t that bad, I post about video games and maybe when I am at the gym but that’s it, no one cares what I do and that’s cool too.

Ok now I am done, got that out of my system, have a great night folks.

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Photo Credit: http://www.blueskyresumes.com/blog/facebook-adds-new-professional-skills-feature/


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