Damn Challenges

So with all of these challenges going around that have become quite absurd I have some better challenges people can do.


How about dumping scorching hot water on your head while saying the alphabet backward? What about eating a pound of Reeses Pieces while driving in reverse on the highway? What about standing on your head while scorching hot water is being thrown at you? (I am obsessed with hot water).


In all seriousness if you are going to do a challenge, do one that means something to you and is not harmful to others and yourself. I have seen so many senseless challenges that could initially injure others or themselves like the cinnamon challenge, what has the world and society come to that this type of stuff is “cool” or “acceptable”? I see teens and children doing these senseless challenges and I ask myself, “Where are the parents”?


Kids look up to adults to guide them in the right direction, if we are not showing them the right things in life, they will continue to use YouTube and go to their friends for guidance.


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