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Lights Out On This Movie

Current horror movies tend to make me cringe to no end and this movie was up there with the cringe factor.

Lights Out is just another lame horror movie that could’ve been way better, it’s the type of movie that you wait to see on Redbox.

This movie could’ve been better, the concept is good, I really had high hopes for this movie but as soon as the movie started, I knew I was going to be disappointed.

I could relate to one of the main characters, Theresa Palmer, who played the daughter Rebecca. Her character was strong, independent and came from a troubled family. Other than that, I was annoyed or over every other character.

I couldn’t care about the story when I wanted to, the plot could’ve been better but since this is another The Conjuring, Sinister and Insidious, I was over this movie right after it began.

Listen, enough with these cliché, predictable, crap movies. We need more Rosemary’s Baby’s, Poltergeist and Carrie’s. These movies are smart, imaginative, scary and promising.

Let’s get back to basics, enough is enough. I want my good horror movies back!