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I May Be Afraid Of Some Ghost

Ok, so I know some people were on the fence about this movie, it may be the fact that it is an all-girls cast, or people just wanted another Ghostbusters movie starring Bill Murray. Either way, this is an all-female cast and it didn’t star Bill Murray.

Let’s talk about this movie for a minute, let’s find out how I felt about it.

I personally felt people needed to embrace this movie and just give it a chance. This movie wanted to relate to the newer generation and it did.

This movie has Kristen WiigMelissa McCarthyKate McKinnon and the lovely Leslie Jones. Now I get it, some people wanted a Ghostbusters 3  movie with the original cast but alas, it’s 2016, it wasn’t going to happen. Harold Ramis isn’t sadly with us anymore so for them to do it, they would’ve done it years before.

I personally didn’t have a problem with the new cast, I enjoyed the movie for what it was because I knew going in, it wasn’t going to be a Ghostbusters movie with Bill MurrayDan AkroydHarold RamisErnie HudsonSigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis. Everyone in their 30’s was hoping and wanted this knowing it just wasn’t going to sadly happen. 

I don’t want to spoil the movie but some people that see this may appreciate some special appearances, some may bitch even more about it because people are just never happy.

Some people didn’t want to see this because Melissa McCarthy is in this and I get it, she usually plays the same damn idiot character in every movie but in Ghostbusters she actually played a smart scientist which I appreciate because I personally can’t really stand Melissa McCarthy. It’s not her fault, it’s her scripts. 

I felt Kristen WiigMelissa McCarthyKate McKinnon and Leslie Jones did a good job, it felt like a Ghostbusters movie. Also, can we just talk about the eye candy that is Chris Hemsworth, loved him but at times I wasn’t feeling his character too much. Don’t get me wrong, he did as good of a job as the director would let him so it wasn’t his fault.

I also felt there was too many jokes if that is at all possible. The jokes I saw in the two trailers just weren’t as funny when I watched it in the movie theater because I’ve seen them too many times prior to seeing this movie, it kind of was a buzzkill for me, it’s also my fault for watching the trailers to begin with.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable, good in its own right and reminiscent of the previous Ghostbuster movies.

Would I pay to see this again? Probably not unless I see it in 3D. Definitely see it if you’re up for a fun family movie night or night at the movies with friends. Unless you’re too picky and critical, don’t see the movie.

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Me Before You Movie Review

First off, yes to this movie. This movie was absolutely beautiful and funny.

I saw this movie with my husband and he actually enjoyed it, he usually doesn’t like romantic movies but he liked this one.

It may be the fact that it had its funny moments or the fact that Emilia Clarke from Game Of Thrones is in it. Pretty sure it was because of Emilia Clarke being in it. Like come on, how adorable is she?  Pretty adorable.

Going into this, I really didn’t know much about this movie other than what I saw in the trailer, which I shouldn’t have watched but whatever, it didn’t give away as much

From the moment the movie started, I didn’t want it to end. Loved Sam Claflin, loved Emilia Clarke, basically I loved every actor in this movie.

The movie was your typical boy meets girl, boy is complicated, girl’s life is complicated movie. The movie was predictable for the most part up until the end.

I love clothes, especially cute random patterns that are put together. Emilia Clarke pulled that off perfectly. It was nice seeing her as a different character, quite refreshing. 

Sam Claflin was a first for me, I have never heard of him before, very good actor and definitely easy on the eyes (shh, don’t tell my husband I said that). 

What I love more about this movie is that there is a book so of course I have to read it and compare. 

So if you didn’t know whether or not I liked this movie, I did, wholeheartedly. It pulled at my heart strings, I cried a little, laughed more, definitely a must see. 

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Creeping Out Of The Shadows

Oh my god you guys; this movie was actually pretty good. 

It’s so hard to determine whether or not this movie was going to be good or entertaining by the trailer (which I hate to watch trailers because that ruins the whole movie for me). The trailer was your typical comedy trailer filled with a bunch of jokes that could feel forced to some. When I saw the trailer, I wanted to instantly see the movie because it’s Ninja Turtles.

From what I heard, in comparison to the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (2016) showed the turtles pretty much the whole time except for 5-10 minutes. That was refreshing, it’s a Ninja Turtles movie, they should be shown throughout the whole movie nonstop. 

The movie was action packed, had some comedic scenes and it had KrangBebop and Rocksteady (tubular).

The fact those three made their theatrical debut, made it feel even more like a Ninja Turtle’s movie.

This time around, Megan Fox did not annoy me like she did in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s movie (2014), she isn’t my favorite actor but she did a pretty good job.

Please see this, it was a fun movie. I saw this in Imax  3D, usually I get a headache from it but I didn’t, go me. If you do see this and you’re not sensitive to 3D movies, definitely see it in Imax 3D. 

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Give Me Some Civil War


Why was Captain America: Civil War so good? From the moment the movie started, I wanted it to never end. Marvel, you know how to make a good super hero movie, you really do.

First off, anything Chris Evans does, I want to see, period. I love seeing his interactions with Robert Downey Jr’s character, at times it’s quite comedic.

Every character in this movie did a great job (very entertaining), the story was good, the music was theatrical. There wasn’t any moment during the whole movie where I was bored or just wanted to walk out, this movie did a good job keeping me on the edge of my seat. 

Always love seeing Scarlett Johansson, she is one of my favorite actors, she makes a great Natasha Romanoff, I can’t think of any other actor that could play her right. 

One of the things I wanted to talk about is Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. From what my husband told me, he is based off of a character from the Marvel comic book series. Knowing this makes me want to read these comic books until my head explodes. The movies tell you so much, books of any kind tell you more.

I think you are a fool if you haven’t seen this movie yet, it was incredibly entertaining, way to go Marvel. 

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I Want To Be Like Youuuu

Oh The jungle book, what what?

First off, can we talk about the CGI for a second? I was absolutely blown away by how freaking incredible this movie looked, the fact that everything was CGI was incredible. There were certain parts of the movie where I thought “oh, they’re not in the jungle or Mowgli and Baloo isn’t traveling together up a stream?”

The movie as a whole was fantastic, it was great to see one of my top favorite Disney cartoons as a live action movie, I’m ok with that. There were certain things that I kind of wasn’t ok with.

First off, Kaa as Scarlett Johansson was ok, Scarlett is sexy, not creepy, so the whole scene with Kaa and Mowgli was a little off for me. Also, why did Disney make Kaa so big? It was weird since in the cartoon, Kaa wasn’t that big, at least to me Kaa wasn’t.

Second, Bill Murray and Christopher Walken’s singing was ok, wasn’t fantastic, wasn’t bad. I know they couldn’t do without those two signature Jungle Book songs but still.

There were times where Neel Sethi’s character (Mowgli) would almost look to someone for direction on what to do next. At times he was cute yet annoying, let’s be honest, what kid isn’t cute and annoying?

Was it just me or was King Louie really big? When I use to watch the 1967 version of The Jungle Book, I don’t remember him being such a big monster. Disney made sure I as a 31-year-old would be terrified of the live action King Louie. No lie, I had nightmares watching this movie, it was pretty scary at some parts.

I do have to say that Idris Elba (Shere Khan), Lupita Nyong’o (Rakasha) and Ben Kingsley (Bagheera) definitely were my top favorite characters in this movie, by far. Something about the dynamics between each character was undeniably amazing.

If you still haven’t seen this movie, do it, it’s a good family movie with some really great actors and some amazing jungle action, scary yet satisfying.

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Aye Deadpool

I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved Deadpool, yet I can begin to tell you how much I loved Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds plays a former Special Forces operative subjected to an experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, making him the alter ego Deadpool.

From start to finish, this movie had me and the audience laughing our butts off. It was one of those movies that kept you on the edge of your seat and even made fun of themselves and X-Men at times.

I saw Deadpool the day after Valentine’s Day, it definitely had that lovey dovey I’m going to kick your butt feel to it, my heart was swooning.

With me, some of Ryan Reynolds movies were kind of blah (Green Lantern and Amityville Horror) to name a few (a small few) but alas, Deadpool was absolutely amazing. I’m a big nerd that loves super hero movies and expect a lot from them. To my surprise, I didn’t know how much I was going to like Deadpool, I liked it a lot more than Ant Man with Paul Rudd, trust me, that is saying much.

Now I can’t deny that Ryan Reynolds is a hottie with that body, I just didn’t want that to be the main focal point for my review but it definitely helps sway some women into watching this movie.

If you like naked Ryan Reynolds, sex scenes, DMX, punch/kick scenes, more sex scenes and explosions then this movie is for you. What are you waiting for? Grab your significant other tight and drag their butts to see this movie, you won’t be disappointed.

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Yay, A Star Wars Spoiler Free Review

A few movies come along that take my breath away and move me in such a way that I have to sit back and take a minute and think “wow that was incredible”.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens definitely took my breath away, it takes place three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, having a new threat arise in the galaxy far far away.

Don’t worry, this is a spoiler free review, I don’t play those reindeer games, I hate spoilers, I hate them so much that I didn’t even go on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for about a week.

If you were to ask me which Star Wars movie was my favorite, after watching Episode VII, it would definitely have to be Episode VII, no questions asked.

The music and the different locations sucked me in and made me feel like I was there with the characters.

The costume and hair design was absolutely gorgeous, such detail, from Rey’s hair, to Poe’s jacket, to Kylo Ren’s helmet and clothing, to Captain Phasma’s helmet and clothing. Some of these factors including seeing some of my favorite characters from the past movies and the practical effects they used made this movie what it was supposed to be.

I had a lot of favorites in this movie, as you can see from what I wrote before, one of the many things I love is the new faces in this movie. I appreciate an unknown face, especially in a movie like this. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren? What a great choice. He wasn’t very unknown since I watch HBO’s Girls, one of my top favorite shows, definitely check it out. Daisy Ridley is absolutely adorable, especially as Rey. Her character is strong, independent and savvy. John Boyega was so amazing in this movie as Finn, his sense of humor definitely was one of my favorite things about him. Everyone did an absolutely fabulous job in this movie, twice I cried while watching this movie, it blew me away.

The movie was fun, funny, a little scary and brilliant. From the moment the audience in the theater saw those words on the screen come up at the beginning of the movie and then saw their favorite characters appear for the first time in Episode VII was awesome, we clapped and cheered, laughed and I cried. To be around so many people with a genuine love for Star Wars was great. From young kids to adults, the movie had something for everyone. This is the first Star Wars movie I’ve seen in theaters so to be around others that loved the movie as much as I did or are experiencing it for the first time, was amazing.

Please, please, please see this movie, it’s one to not miss.

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“Crimson Peaked My Interest”

Crimson Peak is the type of movie that you want to watch just to make fun of it but realize the movie is actually pretty good.

I tend to cringe at horror movies from 2000 on since some of these horror movies that I’ve seen have been atrocious, (Insidious 1 and Insidious Chapter 2, Oculus, House Of Wax, Ghost Ship, Sinister 1 and 2, The Women in Black 1 and 2, The Possession and The Conjuring just to name a few).

Do you know what all of those movies are missing? A good plot, the surprise factor, good acting and a good script.


Crimson Peak in its own right was actually pretty good, for the most part. A good plot, the type of plot that most new horror movies from 2000 on seem to lack. Without giving too much away, the director, (Guillermo del Toro) did something with the plot (narration) that I actually didn’t care for, it didn’t actually bother me too much until I realized later on in the movie that it was the kind of thing they could’ve done without. I know some movies do it but in this instance, with the type of movie it is, they could’ve left it out.

The art style and design was absolutely beautiful. Between the detail with the costumes, the ghost, the location, the Crimson Peak house, I was swept away into this movie.

The spook factor was there, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I crushed my fiancé’s arm with such force every time something scary happened.

The trailer didn’t give too much away, which tends to happen almost every time with trailers for movies.

So the plot, I figured it out but not until the movie was close to ending so that’s a plus in my book. Some movies do a terrible job with plots, this movie did not.

The acting was good, it didn’t feel forced or blah, the actors felt natural, I just wanted to know everything about everyone.

Overall the movie was pretty darn good, you should see it because Star Wars Episode VII- Force Awakens isn’t out yet, what else would you watch in the meantime?

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Why? Just Why?

Jem is still is my favorite 80s cartoon, when I heard they were making a movie (Jem and the Holograms), I was like “oh yeah, sweet”. I decided to see the trailer for the movie. After watching the trailer, I turned off my computer and ugly cried in the corner.

How could they take another awesome 80s cartoon, completely disregard everything from the cartoon and make it into an utter catastrophe? Just like almost every 80s cartoon turned movie of today’s date and age, the directors and writers have completely butchered everything.

Where was Synergy? No Eric Raymond? Why is it now Erica Raymond (Juliette Lewis)? No Misfits?  I get they don’t want to make everything the same but Synergy was a vital part of Jem, the Misfits were a vital part of Jem, Eric Raymond was a vital part of Jem.

Did they forget that my current generation of 30 something year olds that watched the show when they were kids in the 80s remember details and remember key characters of the show? How could you take out a key factor and pretend it never happened? Maybe IMDb left out certain characters on purpose just to freak me out but I highly doubt it since the movie comes out October 23, 2015.

Maybe I am being too critical but still, they should’ve either made the movie right or not of made at all.

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Oh It’s A Magic Mike XXL Review (2015)

So “Magic Mike XXL” was one of those movies where you are like, “I know it’ll be bad but Channing Tatum is so hot and he dances so well”.

I took it upon myself to go and of course had my fiancé accompany me to see it (bless his heart).

Going into this I knew that this movie was not going to be an Oscar winner by any means and it wasn’t.

It wasn’t that good, entertaining? Yes but not good.

Let’s be honest, what else could they possibly do with a movie about male entertainers that they hadn’t already done in the first “Magic Mike” movie?

There was dancing, gyrating, dancing, strippers, more gyrating, awkward moments in almost every scene, weird camera shots, unnecessary adlibs and strippers.

To be fair, I enjoyed it more than the first “Magic Mike” but that isn’t saying much. I am a woman and found the movie entertaining for all the obvious reasons but everything else was poo. There was a few funny scenes which made the movie bearable but still.

If you do decide to watch this movie, just be prepared for awkward moments and weird camera movements throughout the whole movie.

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