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Ten Things Better Than The Movie Split

  1. Hemorrhoids
  2. A hangnail
  3. A dirty tampon
  4. Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger at a bridal shower
  5. Piss soaked pants
  6. Dirty Diapers forever dirty
  7. Two dirty nails shoved in my eye
  8. Having diarrhea on a 2-hour long Subway ride with no stops
  9. Having ten bowling balls fall on your feet simultaneously forever
  10. Stepping on dog poop as a dog pees on you

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I Am Me.



Since when is it not ok to have your own opinion? When is one persons opinion better than the others? It is ok to write about whatever you want, especially when it is something you believe in.

You should be able to write about people, especially if you don’t put their name in a post that you are writing, it is ok, people tend to get upset and lash out, it happens, I am being me.

Since when does the person who judges you can’t be judged back? I think people tend to forget that you are entitled to your own opinion.

I find it hard to express myself as a individual when every time I do I am attacked. Listen I am me, I am sensitive, everyone to some extent is but it is ok, being sensitive doesn’t mean you are weak. I have a tendency to not filter myself, I was raised differently than others, I grew up in a not so stable environment, I am proud of myself for what I have gone through.

People don’t know me, even some of the people that have been closest to over the years don’t know me, it’s ok, they won’t take the time to get to know me but make assumptions about me based off of some things I have done, it is ok, they are being them.

I have strength in what I believe and say, I stick by my words, I cry, I laugh, I bleed, I beat myself down, I get back up, I am me.

If you feel the way I do, it is ok, you are not alone. I take pride in what I have accomplished, I will apologize even when I am not at fault, it is ok, I am me.

I have struggled, I have seen rock bottom, I have sat on gold, I have a temper, I am me.

Be you, love yourself, thank your blessings, just be you.

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