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Can’t Get Enough Amy Winehouse

I can’t believe I waited this long to see Amy, this documentary is absolutely amazing. Amy tells the story of the singer songwriter Amy Winehouse, which included unseen footage and tracks of the late artist.

I love a good documentary and this was one of them. So many intimate scenes of the singer song writer, things I knew but seeing them makes me love Amy Winehouse more.

It’s hard to believe she is no longer with us on this planet, her voice and lyrics moved me in such a way, I still listen to her music. To think someone so talented could be so tortured mentally.

At certain parts in the movie, I ugly cried, at times the movie was just too hard to watch.

Her voice was like no other, she had so much soul at such a young age. Amy Winehouse had such a sense of humor and an amazing smile, it is hard to believe what she was really going through inside but I guess that is like anyone else, we all have our demons.

If you have Amazon Prime, I suggest you take 2 hours of your time to grab tissues, sit down and watch this amazing movie.

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