Oh It’s A Magic Mike XXL Review (2015)

So “Magic Mike XXL” was one of those movies where you are like, “I know it’ll be bad but Channing Tatum is so hot and he dances so well”.

I took it upon myself to go and of course had my fiancé accompany me to see it (bless his heart).

Going into this I knew that this movie was not going to be an Oscar winner by any means and it wasn’t.

It wasn’t that good, entertaining? Yes but not good.

Let’s be honest, what else could they possibly do with a movie about male entertainers that they hadn’t already done in the first “Magic Mike” movie?

There was dancing, gyrating, dancing, strippers, more gyrating, awkward moments in almost every scene, weird camera shots, unnecessary adlibs and strippers.

To be fair, I enjoyed it more than the first “Magic Mike” but that isn’t saying much. I am a woman and found the movie entertaining for all the obvious reasons but everything else was poo. There was a few funny scenes which made the movie bearable but still.

If you do decide to watch this movie, just be prepared for awkward moments and weird camera movements throughout the whole movie.

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Watch Jurassic World

  1. There isn’t a scene where Chris Pratt (Owen) isn’t witty, cute, and Chris Pratt like.
  2. Even though Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire) played an uptight some-what functioning adult, she wore heels for pretty much the whole movie. I have flat feet, I couldn’t last 5 minutes standing still in heels. I give her props for lasting pretty much the whole movie running from dinosaurs, dodging dinosaurs, and walking in heels.
  3. If you pay close attention, you’ll see some Easter eggs related to Jurassic Park in Jurassic World (of course).
  4. Dinosaurs and science galore. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs and science? I definitely do.
  5. The best part of the movie is towards the end of the movie, trust me, it is pretty epic.

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You’re Not You Review (2014)

If someone were to tell me “You’re Not You” would make me cry like my candy was stolen from me, I wouldn’t believe you.

This movie is absolutely beautiful, fantastic, and mesmerizing.

“You’re Not You” is centered on a classical pianist who is diagnosed with ALS, she bonds with a college student who later becomes her caregiver (spoiler alert).

This is the type of movie that everyone needs to watch, how could you not? I can’t believe that I didn’t hear of this movie until recently (thanks Netflix).

Hilary Swank did a stellar job, the greatest role I have seen her do since “Boys Don’t Cry”. Emmy Rossum was amazing as well. Josh Duhamel? Yes, loved to hate him in this movie, he did a great job as well.

I probably shouldn’t have watched this movie at work because I didn’t expect to cry so ugly and so hard.

If you love good dramas and I bet you do, please turn on Netflix right now, and watch this movie.

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Chef Review (2014)

“Chef” was absolutely brilliant!

This movie had everything a movie should have. Not many movies on Netflix can move me in such a way but this movie came out of nowhere and pulled at my heart strings.

“Chef” definitely had an all-star cast which included: Robert Downey Jr., John Favreau, John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, and Sofia Vergara. You could definitely feel the chemistry between Sofia Vergara and John Favreau but I think Sofia Vergara just has that oomph, she can work alongside anyone and it would feel just right.

“Chef” is about a chef, he loses his restaurant job, starts up a food truck job while reclaiming his creative promise.

It’s refreshing to see a movie that could make me smile and get teary eyed all at the same time. The movie was well written and not once was I bored. Those are the types of little gems that I speak highly of.

If you haven’t seen “Chef” yet, please see it, it is currently on Netflix.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Review (2015)

mad max fury road

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was by far the best way to end my Memorial Day. This movie was visually stunning, fun, clever, ridiculous, and smart. The movie was about two rebels (Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa) that are capable of restoring order while Imperator Furiosa looks to make it back to her homeland she once grew up in in one piece.

Tom Hardy was absolutely amazing as Max Rockatansky, a man of few words but got the job done. I am pretty sure this was the first time I have ever seen Tom Hardy in any movies and it won’t be the last.

Charlize Theron was amazing and tough as nails, so glad they picked her to play Imperator Furiosa. Anything Charlize Theron does just makes me happy, she is such a versatile actor.

My top favorite scenes in the movie had to be with Iota (The Doof Warrior). I seriously need to find him or someone like him, attach him to the hood of my car, and have him play his guitar all the time as I drive to work and the store. He was by far my favorite character next to Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, and Immortan Joe.

Hugh Keays-Byrne (Immortan Joe) was the epitome of everything a bad guy should be. He was terrifying, he was ruthless, and he had a Colgate smile, he was everything you want in a bad guy. Every time he came on screen, I would cringe and then smile, he was a monster.

If I ever end up in a stark desert landscape with a broken humanity, I know exactly what to do.

I sat through this whole movie just blown away by the stunts, these stunts were absolutely incredible. I have to learn how to do some of them or just hire a stunt double to do these stunts for me.

I also have to mention the music for the movie, each scene had the right type of music, the music definitely set the tone.

Overall this movie was one of best movies of 2015 so far, go see it now.

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Watch Dogs Review

What is there to say about Watch Dogs, well, I would first like to say that despite some critics negative comments about the game I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the game wholeheartedly.

From my perspective, Watch Dogs is the type of game you can get lost in and that’s exactly what happened (in a good way).

Many people had mixed feelings about the game, which is fine, however, I not only enjoyed watching the gameplay on YouTube. I liked the way the synopsis for the game sounded so I of course bought the game.

Some people said the game played like Grand Theft Auto V, I see where they were going with that. It’s an open ended world where you can drive cars, have access to many weapons, and interact with objects / people but when I played it, I didn’t feel like I was playing another Grand Theft Auto game; it’s its own game definitely.

Some people from Chicago stated that the game didn’t look like Chicago at all, it definitely looked like Chicago; I really believe some people wanted this game to fail miserably.

Some people hated the controls for the game. I have the game for Xbox One so I’m pretty sure you can change what button does what for the controller.

I loved the main story, loved the protagonist (Aiden), loved hacking (my favorite part of the game), the open ended world, the characters, the side missions, Aiden’s coats (he looked so conspicuous), different choices you can make throughout the game, and the vehicles.

What I didn’t like was the fact that you couldn’t go into every building and you couldn’t leave Chicago (I really wanted to leave Chicago).

The game actually wasn’t glitchy like most open world games and it felt like a long game. I beat the main story in probably two weeks, which included the majority of the side missions.

Overall this game was definitely a lot of fun, definitely check it out.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

Now I absolutely love video games, my favorite type of genre is RPGs. If someone told me to play Dragon Age: Inquisition I would tell them sure sarcastically just for the simple fact that this is my first time ever playing a Dragon Age game in the series (I’m a late bloomer).

Now last year for Christmas I asked my fiancé to get me this for Christmas and nothing else guaranteeing me actually getting the game.

As I opened up the game I was excited and not surprised I received the game. I played the game and got mix feelings about it since EA is the publisher behind the game and they obviously have a terrible track record (SimCity, The Sims 3).

My first initial thought as I started the game was that the story kind of bored me and that I wanted to get to the action (fighting dragons and bad guys).

As I played more of the game and got further into it, I loved the game more and more.

The story gets better and better as you progress, you learn the main characters stories, and you become enthralled.

I can’t begin to tell you how long it took me to beat the game, it took forever because just like Skyrim you get sidetracked with side missions, caves, helping the towns people; did I mention side missions? If I didn’t do any side missions, I would’ve beaten the game sooner.

Overall the game is fantastic. Visually it was stunning, the game would glitch more towards the end of the main game which at times would frustrate me since I would have almost beaten the main boss and a dragon. I found myself having to just turn the game off and turn it back on. When I turned the game back on and started that mission again, it would actually start up where I left off which was a life saver.

The costume and character design is incredible. I can’t begin to tell you how long it took for me to design character, my favorite part about character design was the fact I could add scars to my face or what I like to call battle scars.

If you have debated on whether or not to play this game, please go get it, definitely a must have.

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Mob Wives Review

Don’t judge me but I have been watching a lot of ‘Mob Wives’. I should be ashamed but I guess it’s my guilty pleasure. ‘Mob Wives’ is a reality show on VH1 that stars woman that were born in or associated with the mob.

I have watched every season so far and as much as I want to not watch it, there is something about drama that isn’t my own (I don’t have any) and their vulgar language that makes me giddier than a school girl on a Sunday morning.

I think the show just makes me feel better about myself (glad I don’t act like them). It’s hard to believe that these women act so vulgar and feisty but I guess when you rat on someone (call the cops), you are bound to get cut and shanked on the streets of NY.

As I watched the reunion episode of season 5 of ‘Mob Wives’, I knew there was going to be profanity thrown and fist hitting woman in the face repeatedly, my jaw was dropped the whole time because I couldn’t believe I couldn’t look away and shocked with all the foul language I was hearing (I should’ve expected it).

Do I recommend this show? If you like the C, F, B, W, and A word thrown around every 2 seconds while women are threatening other women, yes dammit watch the show with your head held high.

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Open Windows Review (2014)

So ‘Open Windows’ stars Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood in a movie about a neglected fan (Elijah Wood) who soon finds himself caught up in a deadly cat-and-mouse game after he accepts an opportunity from some random guy with a bad accent to spy on his favorite actress (Sasha Grey) on his laptop.

Netflix seems to always have a way of sucking me into the really bad movies and this was just another bad/confusing movie that never should’ve been made.

Elijah Wood was awkward and weird and Sasha Grey’s attempts at acting were just that, attempts. Maybe I am giving her such a hard time because of her prior film work, maybe I should watch more of her movies but no, her acting wasn’t the best.

I’m sure the script wasn’t the best, the plot was ok, and I couldn’t wait for the movie to end.

The whole movie was just too confusing, there were parts where I thought I finally understood what was happening until something else happened and then I was confused all over again.

The most comical part of the whole movie was a scene where Elijah Wood instructs Sasha Grey via computer to be seductive as she’s being held captive by the guy instructing Elijah Wood via computer on what to tell Sasha Grey, she was wearing a robe with nothing else on underneath, she exposes her breast and nothing more, I am pretty sure the writers did not want to show her completely naked, they didn’t want viewers to think they were watching another Sasha Grey Porn.

Overall watch at your own risk.

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‘The Family’ Review (2013)


‘The Family’ to me felt like a movie that I have seen one hundred times.
Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro star as a mob family hiding in the witness protection program in France with their two kids.
I’m going to be completely honest, I had this movie in my list for months on Netflix and attempted to watch it three different times. The first time, I turned it off after 10 minutes of watching it. The second time, 5 minutes into watching it. I guess the third time is the charm because I actually sat down and watched the whole movie.
The movie starts off slow and when I mean slow I mean eyes low nap time slow. When we finally get to the middle of the movie, it finally picks up (finally).
Overall the movie had its high and low points, at times it was a little comical, other times I felt like I was watching ‘Anger Management’ because Robert De Niro was always angry and screaming.
Definitely see the movie once and only once because that is enough for anyone.

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